Mogador : it’s no piece of cake !

Mogador is a yummy french gâteau that I learnt at Le Cordon Blue, Paris. Apparently it takes its name from a french colony Mogador..Its made of the famous Génoise sponge cake (cake sponge without butter or oil ) with Chocolate mousse and raspberry liqueur, raspberry brandy & raspberry seed-jam. Now we all love the combination of Raspberry & Chocolate , don’t we ?

Back in my tropical country, making this cake hasn’t been a piece of cake !..Even before baking, getting the raspberry bit of ingredients itself was a task..( I asked a friend flying down from Paris to get the Chambord Raspberry Liqueur by the way )

So coming to the making of the cake…the first time the mousse was liquidy, and the eggs  for the génoise sponge got overcooked over the bain -marie and never rose that high !  …the second time the mousse was alright but again the génoise turned out almost like as dense as rye bread ..I realised I had mixed the flour – cocoa mixture with the whipped egg-sugar batter too soon ( the eggs had not risen to the required quantity) and during folding had compeltely deflated the eggs!

The tricky part of the génoise is that the flour should be folded well into the eggs but shouldn’t be mixed so much that it sucks the air out of the whipped eggs the eggs and sugar need to be whipped to perfection and then the flour should be sprinkled over it through a sieve and then gently folded in. ( gosh its tiring just whipping the eggs and sugar to turn into fluffy light yellow batter that falls like a ribbon when dropped from a spatula..i thought I had whipped enough )..Anyway after two failed attempts I got the recipe all set in my mind and it was time to try it the third time..this time with a KitchenAid Stand mixer using the balloon whisk attachment …I first quickly whisked the eggs and sugar mix over bain-marie and when it was hot took it off heat and poured it into my stand mixer bowl to be whisked further …all it took was five minutes of whisking it and the egg-sugar mixture was a beautiful creamy yellow colour and had doubled in volume…I was anxious now about folding in the flour and carefully rotated the bowl with one hand and folded the flour with a spatula in another hand. Poured the mixture in a nine-inch ring on a baking tray with a baking sheet and into a pre heated oven at 180*C for 20 mins.

Lets come to the mousse now..You got  to whip up the cream really well to soft peaks ( I used Amul Whipping cream and It was alright..but the French Whipping cream ( Elle & Vire ) is better..once again in my stand mixer.. Once the cream is whipped, it should be refrigerated. The Eggs should be whisked and then the simple solution (equal sugar-water mix ) boiled to soft ball stage should be added to the whipped eggs and whisked again into a Sabayon ( a nice thick fluffy egg-sugar mixture that falls  like a ribbon ) . The sabayon has to be gently folded into the whipped cream and 1/3 of it is to be added first to the hot melted Chocolate and rapidly whisked. Then the remaining cream & sabayon mix is added to the chocolate and gently folded.

Ok so here’s how the cake looked tasted perfect ! And I hope its gonna be perfect each time going forward.


Which brings me to its Recipe !!!!

Ingredients (serves 10) :

Chocolate Génoise Sponge :

  1. 4 eggs
  2. 1 egg yolk
  3. 120g castor sugar
  4. 100g all purpose flour
  5. 20g unsweetened cocoa powder

Imbibing Syrup:

  1. 100 ml water
  2. 80g sugar
  3. 20 ml raspberry eau de vie ( fruit brandy)
  4. 20 ml raspberry liqueur


  1. 100 gm raspberry seed jam

Chocolate Mousse:

  1. 75g egg yolks
  2. 35 g castor sugar
  3. 35ml water
  4. 150g dark chocolate
  5. 300g cream


  1. 120g raspberry seed jam
  2. 30g glucose
  3. raspberries ( optional)
  4. gold card board for displaying the cake

Equiments :

  1. Stand mixer ( here Kitchenaid standmixer is used)
  2. Whisk , skimmer, spatula, serated knife
  3. Cake ring (here a 16cm diameter cake ring with 4.5 cm height )
  4. For decoration: piping tips ,pastry bag , acetate strip

Génoise Preparation: Weigh out all the ingredients. Preheat the oven at 180*C. Take a pan and boil water for Ban marie (hot water bath). Put the cake ring over a baking paper on a baking sheet. Put magnets on the corners of the baking paper. Seive the flour and add the cocoa powder to it.  Mix it with a whisk. Use a round bottom bowl and put the eggs and the egg yolk and sugar and whisk immediately (else the sugar’s acidity will burn the eggs). Whisk for 30 secs and put the bowl over the pan of boiling water and keep stiring with your whisk (dont whisk it) till it comes to 50*C. This should take 15 mins approximately. You will start to see steam over the mixture to know that the eggs are cooked. Take it off the hear and whisk it in the Stand mixer  at high speed. You will see the mixture getting lighter in colour and fluffier.  When the mixture becomes 3 times its original size , stop the stand mixer. Detach the bowl and add half the flour- cocoa mixture to it  by  seiving it into the bowl. Take a Skimmer in one hand and with the other hand rotate the bowl as you fold the flour into the egg mixtue gently with the skimmer.  The skimmer should first clean off the edges of the bowl and then cut through the centre of the mixture to mix the flour into the egg uniformly. Do not overfold it else the sponge will not turn out fluffy.

Take a laddle and pour out the batter into the metal ring till 3/4 of the ring. Put for baking into a pre heated oven at 180*C.   Once cake is baked, take it out and put in it the fridge to cool down. (still inside the ring)

Imbibing Syrup Preparation:  Put the water and sugar in a pot and heat it to a boiling stage. Pour it into another bowl and refrigerate. Once cooled, add rasberry liqueur and raspberry eau de vie to it.

Garnish: Take 150 gm raspberry seed jam in a bowl and whisk it. Put a piping tip into a pastry bag and fill in the jam.

Chocolate Mousse Preparation: Whip up the cream in the stand mixer to a soft peak stage and transfer to a bowl and refrigerate. Now put the e gg yolks in the stand mixer bowl and whisk it.  Put water in the pan and add sugar and mix over heat till it comes to a soft ball stage. ( to check for soft ball, dip your fingers in a bowl of ice and then dip it in the boiling sugar solution. roll the sugar syrup stuck to your finger into a ball and see if a soft ball is forming).Add this sugar solution into your standmixer bowl and continue to whisk the egg yolks with it . It will reach the ribbon stage when the batter falls like a ribbon. This is called the sabayon. Stop the stand mixer when this stage is acheived. Let the sabayon rest in the refrigerator as well. Take 150gms of chocolate in a bowl and put it over a pan of boiling water ( hot water bath again) to temper it. Chocolate is melted in the end so that it remains hot (but not too hot) when the cream and sabayon is added to it . Mix the sabayon and the cream gently with a Whisk. Just fold it and do not stir it. Then pour 1/3 of this mixture into the chocolate ( hot and melted ) and rapidly mix it with a whisk.It should be uniformly mixed. Now add the rest of the sabayon-cream mix into the melted chocolate bowl and rapidly fold it to make it uniform. Keep rotating the bowl while folding. Switch to a rubber spatula in the end to clean up the sides of the bowl and ensure no lumps are remaining.

Cake Assembly : Take the cake out of the fridge and with a small knife cut the cake out of the cake ring mould. The way to do that is to take the knife through the ring mould and rotate the ring mould , cutting the cake out. Now we have to slice the cake horizontally as the top part will be replaced with the mousse . The way to do it is to place the cake inside a tart ring of 20 cm diameter ( which is much shorter in height compared to the sponge). Use a serated knife and slice the cake horizontally into two parts. (below is a referrence picture)


Then take the top layer and trim the uneven surface of it doing the same technique using the tart ring and serated knife. On the bottom layer, make a slit from one end to the centre of the circle. On the top layer , cut out a wedge

Put the bottom layer of sponge on a gold cardboard. Take the cake ring and line it with acetate strip. Put the lined cake ring back on the sponge on the cardboard. Push apart the slit of the sponge with both your hands and shove in the wedge that you have cut from the top layer, making the cake nice and tight. Now put the imbibing syrup generously on this layer with a brush. Start from the outside to inside when imbibing the syrup. Press the sponge with your finger to see if the syrup has been thoroughly soaked into the sponge. Take the pastry bag with raspberry jam in it and pipe the jam on to the imbibed sponge leaving out only an outer ring about 1/3 of your finger.

Take the mouse and put two big lumps into the centre of the cake (on top of the raspberry garnish) and with a small spatula spread it outwards. Fill up some more mousse in the centre and flatten it outwards towards the edges making a smooth flat top. (pls spread only from centre to the edges and not from one edge to another!). Now put the cake into the freezer  for 20 mins or until set.

Decoration: Mix the raspberry-seed jam with the glucose. Take 2 spoon of it and spread the glaze over the set mousse. Remove the cake ring and let the acetate tape be there. Take another pastry bag with a decorative pastry tip of your choice. Fill it with mousse and decorate over the raspberry glaze. Sprinkle some Raspberries (if available).