The beginning

Urban Kitchen, our tiny venture , aims at aiding your culinary pursuits by bringing to you world class kitchen equipments. We would love to grow with you as you delve deeper and deeper into the magical world of gastronomy. We know cooking for your love and for the love of cooking, is a deeply satisfying pursuit. But like love , cooking can at times also be intensely frustrating. The Urban Kitchen’s mission is to bring to you the best culinary tools from around the world and all the expert knowledge  around using them to make your epicurean journey a truly epic one.

And what made us think of doing this? My journey towards becoming a chef started in my kitchen and has wound through more than 25 countries with notable stopovers in Paris where I became a Pastry Chef from the world’s best culinary school i.e Le Cordon Bleu, and Kyoto, Japan where I stayed on to learn the pursuit of perfection in cooking.

Married with this pursuit of cooking was my day job to market Whirlpool appliances – as a global product manager I travelled across the world peeking regularly into the lives of homemakers to understand their challenges, joys and sorrows. I regularly came across people wanting advise on what to buy and also saw how most people did not make the best use of the fancy equipment they had paid top dollar for !

So, in a nutshell – I understand how important precision and technique is when it comes to cooking, say baking complicated desserts, and have over the years experimented and discovered for myself which equipment is best for doing what. In this blog and at our store we help you decide  what to buy and then how to get the best out of the equipment once you have bought it.  We are more interested in the post purchase journey of yours and hence hope we can help you make the most of these beautiful equipments.


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